Streamlined post-processing for enhanced electrophysiology procedures.
Streamlined post-processing for enhanced electrophysiology procedures.

CT cardiac exams provide critical information to practitioners of cardiac therapy. Precise information pertaining to the left atrium's complex anatomy, the pulmonary veins, the coronary sinus, or the cardiac veins has a major impact on the efficacy of subsequent cardiac therapy: It can speed procedures and facilitate treatment. But analyzing and reporting the wealth of information CT cardiac studies provides can be time consuming. A program that automates many routine functions and gives you tools to easily quantify and qualify many aspects of cardiac function would streamline your workflow and give you greater diagnostic confidence.

GE Healthcare CardEPCardEP is integrated post processing image analysis software for the application of cardiovascular and electrophysiology imaging on the AW Workstation. With it, you can process display, reformat, and analyze 2D or 3D cardiac ST images for qualitative or quantitative assessment of heart anatomy and pulmonary veins from single or multiple cardiac phase image data sets.


  • Lets you visualize the anatomical layout of the left atrium and pulmonary vessels.
  • Lets you visualize the origins of the pulmonary vessels.
  • Facilitates heart segmentation.
  • Helps you visualize and quantify cardiac venous pathways.
  • Offers you a variety of 2D, 3D, or reformatted protocols with which to perform image analysis.


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