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Planning, guidance and follow-up of (T)EVAR cases may be delicate when dealing with complex anatomies. Leveraging pre-operative imaging and planning data during the intervention may be difficult. Under 2D fluoroscopic imaging, (T)EVAR procedures can require a significant amount of contrast media, prolonged radiation exposure, and time. A 3D view of vessels anatomy could help you perform complex interventional procedures. Surveillance of the aneurysm sac with reliable measurements can be a challenge.

(T)EVAR Assist1 is an integrated solution to help plan, guided and follow-up (T)EVAR cases:

  • Plan with VesselIQ Xpress and VVI, the AW CT vascular analysis software that delivers 0-click bone removal and tracking of the aorta as well as key anatomy measurements.
  • Guide with Innova Vision that overlays 3D datasets from CT, MR or 3D rotational images on live fluoroscopic images in a single click.
  • Follow-up using semi-automatic sizing of the thrombus and compare mode.


  • Plan on CT Angiography using 0-click Bone Removal and tracking of the aorta.
  • 1-click overlay of 3D CTA prepared data on top of live fluoroscopic images.
  • Directly register from the control room or at table side CT models with only 2 fluoroscopy views for efficiency in procedure time and dose.
  • Register in real time to C-arm and table movements, field of view, source-to-image distance.
  • Semi-automatic sizing of the thrombus.
GE Healthcare (T)EVAR Assist

1. (T)EVAR Assist Solution refers to Volume Viewer Innova, VesselIQ Xpress, Synchro3D and Innova Vision.


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