CARESCAPE B850 Monitor

Flexibility and scalability. CARESCAPE B850 helps you to provide clinical excellence, to optimize care workflows and to protect your long-term investments.

Get the monitoring tools you need today, on a platform that’s designed for the future.

Fast Facts

  • For the OR and PACU

  • For Cardiac/Intensive Care

  • For the NICU

Parameter Excellence

Multi-parameter modules

  • CARESCAPE ONE:  Supports bedside and transport clinical workflows across different patient environments and acuity levels by functioning as an independent intra-hospital transport monitor and a multi-parameter acquisition module.
    To learn more, click here.
  • CARESCAPE Patient Data Module: Capable of 24-hour data storage with 36 arrhythmia events, 10 ST segments, 20 cardiac calculations and 10 pulmonary calculations.  Exceptional parameter set includes 3-, 5-, and 6-leadwire ECG up to 8 measured ECG waveforms, EK-Pro four-lead arrhythmia analysis, optional 12RL™ derived 12-lead ECG and 12SL diagnostic 12-lead ECG, DINAMAP™ SuperSTAT non-invasive blood pressure, and Masimo® SET® or Nellcor® OxiMax® SpO2.  

Single measurement modules

Neurology modules
  • E-Entropy Module
  • E-NMT Module
  • E-EEGX Module
  • E-MASIMO Module
  • E-NSATX Module
Hemodynamic modules
  • * E-COP Module
  • * E-COPsv Module
  • * E-BIS Module
  • * E-PiCCO Module
Respiratory modules
  • * E-sCO(V)
  • * E-CAiO(V)(X)
  • Acronyms: s=single width; C=CO2;
    Ai=anesthetic agents and agent identification
    O=Patient O2; V = Patient Spirometry;
    X = Gas exchange

CARESCAPE B850 Monitor

Monitoring excellence through comprehensive parameters and high configurability for a consistent level of care

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