A revolution is coming to radiology services. Artificial intelligence (AI) and advanced analytics are helping to deliver better patient outcomes more efficiently.

As part of our commitment to Elevating Radiology, we’re exclusively partnering with the European Society of Radiology to put the spotlight on AI at ECR 2019. The event will also see the European launch of Edison – our intelligence offering comprised of applications and smart devices – offering radiologists a better way to manage imaging services.

Healthcare organizations are under increasing pressure to improve efficiency. They need to streamline workflows to cope with rising patient numbers but must still maintain quality and simultaneously reduce costs. Performing the right scan – and delivering the right result – first time depends on having the correct software and imaging equipment. We understand these challenges and have more than 25 years of experience in advanced analytics and AI. Together with partners from academic hospitals, technology industries and independent software vendors, we have developed Edison, a novel offering to help resolve these issues and futureproof your investment.

Our Edison Applications are designed to help you optimize your workflows, reduce errors and waste, and control costs, allowing you to focus on patient care. Edison Applications leverage analytics – such as AI, machine learning, algorithms and models – to identify insights, patterns and suggestions which, in turn, help to enhance and augment clinical, financial and operational decision-making.

Join us on booth #304 - X3 at ECR 2019 to learn more about Elevating Radiology with Edison.

Innovations at ECR

ECR 2019 is another exciting event, with more than 25 innovative technologies unveiled across our entire product portfolio.
All focused on Elevating Radiology to empower radiologists with vital information to help guide diagnosis, speed treatments, and
improve patient satisfaction and outcomes.

Innovations at ECR

Visit us at Booth 304 - X3

  • Computed Tomography

  • Enterprise Digital Solutions

  • Interventional Image Guided Systems

  • Mammography

  • Magnetic Resonance Imaging

  • Radiography Systems

  • Services

  • Surgical Imaging

  • Ultrasound

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