Centricity Solutions for Enterprise Imaging

Centricity™ Solutions for Enterprise Imaging delivers a common viewing, workflow and archiving medical imaging solution that integrates Picture Archiving and Communication Systems (PACS), Radiology Information Systems (RIS), Cardiovascular IT Systems (CVITS) and Vendor Neutral Archives (VNA).

GE Healthcare’s Centricity Enterprise Imaging Solutions are ready to take you to that next level—with solutions that combine all of the capabilities, integrations, and intelligence you need to make imaging a transformative force in your organization. This includes: 

  • A standards-driven, vendor-neutral archive solution that intelligently weaves longitudinal patient images and data from many different sources and systems together—and then makes it all available through a convenient web-based, zero-footprint viewer. 
  • An imaging collaboration suite that combines two essential imaging collaboration applications—and then connects them through a cloud-based integrated viewer service—to fundamentally improve how you connect, collaborate, and access patient images and information. 
  • A unified diagnostic viewer that supports your care-specific workflows, facilitates fast and precise decision making, and helps you stay focused on quality care. 
  • A comprehensive enterprise cardiology solution that enables your entire team to access and manage patient data, images, reports, and workflows across different information systems and modalities from one convenient location.


    Visualization: Universal Viewers for Medical Images

    Visualization: Universal Viewers for Medical Images Imaging provides a crucial gateway to patient care and serves as an essential touchpoint for clinicians. Centricity Universal Viewer helps to enable that—by giving you the Power of One unified, web-based diagnostic viewer that supports your natural workflow, facilitates faster and smarter decision making, and helps you stay focused on what’s most important: patient outcomes. 

    Centricity Universal Viewer

    Featuring a single image repository across 2D and 3D studies, Centricity Universal Viewer intuitively brings together the tools needed by radiologists, cardiologists and other clinicians to provide enterprise-wide access to clinical images on a single desktop. Both DICOM content and XDS (Cross–Enterprise Document Sharing) content can be viewed in a single solution.

    Centricity Universal Viewer delivers:

    • Intelligent productivity tools, including Smart Reading Protocols. Smart Reading Protocols (SRP) represents a different way for radiologists to create hanging protocols and improve image setup efficiency. 
    • Advanced visualization applications that provide a single source for post-processing applications for MIP/MPR, PET-CT, vessel analysis, automated bone removal, integrated registration, oncology quantification and more.
    • Native breast imaging capabilities reduce the need to maintain a separate, stand-alone workstation. It provides screening and diagnostic, multi-modality workflows, including Digital Breast Tomography (DBT).
    • Cross Enterprise Display provides radiologists with seamless access to a patient’s historical imaging data across affiliated institutions when those sites provide access. Images can be streamed from a GE Healthcare or 3rd party PACS  or VNA.
    • Advanced Cardiology tools provide advanced visualization and quantification tools for Cardiology, offering a single source for coronary and vascular analysis, volume analysis, echo measurement and analysis such as 2D strain, 3D and 4D visualization as well as advanced measurement tools for CATH procedures.
    • Access from anywhere. 1 With a web-based viewer, radiologists and cardiologists can work from anywhere, enabling clinical collaboration across a mobile workforce.
    • Image enable your EMR or physician portal with tight, secure connectivity options.
    Advanced Visualization

    Unlike disparate PACS and 3D systems, Centricity Universal Viewer helps to increase efficiency by simplifying information access with a single image repository across 2D and 3D studies, enabling holistic oncology and other specialty workflows, with easy access to prior exams.

    The embedded advanced applications decrease the need to log in to multiple applications and retrieve images for comparison from stand-alone “mini PACS” systems, allowing radiologists and clinicians to read exams more efficiently. This also helps increase IT productivity by reducing requests for DICOM resends and image moves between systems.

    Centricity Universal Viewer with Xeleris™ 

    For nuclear medicine clinicians, increased access to Xeleris applications on Centricity Universal Viewer provides an integrated workflow with desktop integration to help improve reading efficiency, diagnostic confidence and have more relevant data available for image interpretation. This increased access to clinical images in more locations can help enhance patient care and improve clinical collaboration.

    Centricity Universal Viewer with ViewPoint™6

    ViewPoint 6 with desktop integration to Centricity Universal Viewer, provides a comprehensive solution for ultrasound reporting and management across multiple care areas.

    ViewPoint 6 is a dedicated ultrasound reporting and image management solution. It can send and receive information from existing IT systems like a PACS, EMR, or HIS/RIS to complete the workflow cycle.

    Centricity Universal Viewer with Cardiology Capabilities

    Centricity Universal Viewer provides enterprise wide advanced visualization and quantification tools for Cardiology, offering a single source for coronary and vascular analysis, nuclear cardiology, volume analysis, and echo measurement and analysis tools such as 2D strain, 3D and 4D visualization. Centricity Universal Viewer offers embedded access to GE Healthcare's EchoPAC™ Plug-In, AW Advanced Visualization, Medis™ and TOMTEC™ tools.  

    Centricity Universal Viewer provides access to the following tools:  

    • Coronary and Vascular Analysis 
    • Stenosis Analysis  
    • Ventricular Analysis  
    • Echo Analysis  
    • Stress Echo Analysis  
    • Advanced 3D/4D Echo Analysis Tools  
    • Vascular Ultrasound Review & Measurements 
    • CT & MR advanced visualization tools 
    • Connectivity with GE Healthcare MUSE™ ECG Management System & GE Healthcare Xeleris™ 

    Workflow: Patient-Centric Approach

    Configurable, patient-centric workflows that enable data to move with the patient on their care journey

    Managing imaging services requires more than just a visualization application. This is where workflow solutions step in and help to streamline departmental and enterprise-wide radiology and cardiology productivity, administrative efficiency and patient care. Achieving optimum productivity hinges on organized IT resources.

    From scheduling to protocoling, patient preparation to reporting and coding. By tracking metrics such as turnaround time and scanner utilization, facilities can better manage efficient use of equipment and resources.

    Centricity Cardio Workflow

    Experience the Power of One Cardiovascular Imaging, Physician Reporting, Workflow, and Analytics Solution 

    Bridge the gaps between different cardiovascular service lines and healthcare information systems with one unified solution for accessing and managing patient data, images, reports, and workflows. 

    Comprehensive workflows bring order to a complex care are 
    Centricity™ Cardio Workflow offers a comprehensive collection of tools for all data and information management in the cardiovascular department. It helps facilitate registry workflow, streamlines inventory management, automates billing, creates clinical reports, and runs clinical and administrative queries. 

    Centricity Cardio Workflow transforms the physician reporting experience that helps physicians spend less time at the computer and spend more time on what matters most…the patient. 

    • Side-by-side reporting to help save clicks and easily view the report while you are documenting 
    • Quick reports to help document typical results in just a few clicks 
    • Visual indicators to help guide users to compliant documentation needed for billing and accreditation purposes 

    Collaboration: Medical Image Sharing Solutions

    Collaboration: Medical Image Sharing Solutions

    Share medical images and insight with providers inside and outside your network through cloud-based tools

    In today’s complex, collaborative, and cross-disciplinary clinical environments, basic image- sharing and collaboration tools simply can’t keep up with your complex patient care requirements. With Centricity Imaging Collaboration Suite (CICS), you can step up to the Power of One comprehensive solution that leverages cloud technology to transform how you connect, collaborate, and share patient images. 

    Centricity Multi-Disciplinary Team Virtual Meeting Centricity Multi-Disciplinary Team Virtual Meeting

    Centricity Multi-Disciplinary Team Virtual Meeting will provide meeting participants with centralized access to patient images and case data, facilitating cross-specialty planning and implementation of treatment programs for complex medical conditions.

    Today, radiologists and pathologists spend 20% of their time preparing for meetings4. Specialists are in short supply in many regions of the world, requiring care teams to leverage resources across remote locations. The application will provide efficient MDT organization tools, easy-to-navigate case lists, screen sharing and VOIP - including connectivity to an organization's RIS or EMR, in order to realize time savings, improved efficiencies, and reduced costs associated with meeting preparation.

    Centricity Case Exchange Centricity Case Exchange

    Centricity Case Exchange is designed to offer advanced clinician collaboration, seamless device connectivity, and embedded analytics tools - all with comprehensive end user controls and data management.

    Centricity Case Exchange helps providers streamline clinical collaboration with unaffiliated clinicians to help reduce duplicate imaging, avoid unnecessary patient transfers, lower CD distribution costs and enhance referral relationships - all with no capital investment. It liberates affiliated and non-affiliated physicians from silos of care by fostering a clinical community where they can quickly confer on patient cases, simultaneously access patients' images and reports and collaborate on diagnosis and treatment plans.

    It also offers a flexible business model that allows organizations to pay for this service based on their ongoing consumption. Simultaneously, it simplifies IT maintenance by reducing on-site infrastructure and offloading software updates, back-up operations and disaster recovery from internal staff, helping drive down capital expenses.

    Centricity Case Exchange is built on the GE Health Cloud and leverages Predix™2, GE's software platform for the Industrial Internet, built to manage data of high volume, velocity, and variety, in the cloud, Predix enables enterprise grade scalability, performance, and security capabilities.

    Archiving: Vendor Neutral Archive (VNA) Solutions

    Help unify clinical images and patient data for enterprise-wide access

    Archiving: Vendor Neutral Archive (VNA) Solutions Experience the Power of One Archive with this exceptional VNA Solution 

    Transform your isolated departmental imaging and EMR silos into secure, open standards-based information sharing engines. 

    When you provide a more consistent, unified, and secure view of patient information, you create new opportunities to improve collaboration, boost efficiency, facilitate critical treatment decisions, and lower costs. The Centricity Clinical Archive Solution delivers this crucial single view, with a standards-driven solution that intelligently weaves longitudinal patient data from many different sources and systems together—and then makes it all available through a convenient web-based, zero-footprint viewer that image-enables your entire EMR system.

    Centricity Clinical Archive

    A robust, patient-centric solution for seamless image and document consolidation and access.

    The Power of One flexible, standards-driven clinical archiving solution can provide the capabilities you need to gain new clinical insights, collaborate more easily and effectively with other healthcare teams, and ultimately help provide better care to your patients at a lower cost.

    Key benefits:

    • Image-enabled EMR - Help reduce disruption to workflows, by enabling easy access to patients' images and reports from an EMR or HIS system
    • Enhanced clinician and patient experience - With convenient access to patient records from anywhere3 , clinicians are enabled to spend more time per patient case and less time looking for data in multiple systems
    • Potential to enhance wound-care department's quality metrics - Intuitive mobile tools can potentially help reduce the time taken per documentation and support your documentation and reporting quality assurance goals
    • Enhanced governance and control on Enterprise wide data - By allowing you to enforce Standard IT policies and rules around data management, security, data purging and compression regardless of the type and origin of the data. Leverages high availability, disaster recovery, and cloud ready infrastructure to help ensure service continuity.
    • Prepare a foundation for advanced analytics based insights using a centralized standards-based repository of structured and unstructured data
    • Reduce total cost of storing and managing data - By deploying a single unified solution to store and distribute data
    Centricity Clinical Archive with Media Manager  

    Every picture tells a story. And when it comes to your patients, capturing and documenting visible light images at every step of the workflow helps provide vital details of their care journey.

    Media Manager enables speedy acquisition and documentation of pictures directly from mobile devices, reducing the documentation time per patient case, helping avoid missed patient data and enhancing staff productivity.

    Media Manager offers intuitive patient barcode or MRN identification and initiates a guided workflow to document case attributes. Images in their native formats are automatically uploaded to the XDS repository which simplifies enterprise-wide access to patient records.