EVAR ASSIST 2: Perform endograft procedures in one go

Planning, guidance and follow-up of (T)EVAR cases may be delicate when dealing with complex anatomies. Leveraging pre-operative imaging and planning data during the intervention may be difficult. Under 2D fluoroscopic imaging, (T)EVAR procedures can require a significant amount of contrast media, prolonged radiation exposure, and time. EVAR ASSIST 21 solution provides intuitive tools and simplified workflow easily adopted in clinical routine, enabling surgeons to perform standard and complex EVAR procedures with reduced radiation dose and contrast media.

Complex EVAR procedures

Endovascular aneurysm repairs can be delicate when dealing with complex anatomies. With EVAR ASSIST 2, 3D fusion imaging is very accessible.

product-product-categories-Intervantional - 2016-evar_11.jpgPlan

Plan with a dedicated EVAR planning application to perform key anatomical measurements, size the endograft and save key information for fusion imaging during intervention.

product-product-categories-Intervantional - 2016-evar_12.jpgGuide

3D fusion guidance for EVAR, including the vessel outline, ostia contours and stored optimal angulations for precise device placement. Digital zoom to magnify without increasing dose.

product-product-categories-Intervantional - 2016-evar_13.jpgAssess

Acquire a high definition cone-beam CT, Innova CT HD, to display the information in oblique views to assess device deployment and the presence of potential endoleaks.

Clinical cases and publications

product-product-categories-Intervantional - 2016-article_article.jpg

Scientific publication

Radiation Dose Reduction During EVAR: Results from a Prospective Multicentre Study (The REVAR Study)

Hertault A. et al.

Eur J Vasc Endovasc Surg (2018) 56, 426-433
product-product-categories-Intervantional - 2016-article_article.jpg

Scientific publication

Benefits of Completion 3D Angiography Associated with Contrast Enhanced Ultrasound to Assess Technical Success after EVAR.

Hertault A. et al.

Eur J Vasc Endovasc Surg. 2015 May;49(5):541-8.
  1. EVAR ASSIST 2 solution includes FlightPlan for EVAR CT, EVARVision and requires AW workstation with Volume Viewer, Volume Viewer Innova, VesselIQ Xpress, Autobone Xpress. These applications are sold separately.
  2. 3DCT HD is an option sold separately. Includes 3DXR. Requires AW workstation and Volume Viewer.