Discovery IGS 740 for Interventional Radiology and Oncology

Free yourself from the rails.
Free yourself from the rails.

Free yourself from the constraints of fixed ceiling-mounted systems' rails with the Discovery IGS 740 mobile angiography system. The untethered Discovery IGS 740 offers amazing siting and room design flexibility. Practice with exceptional comfort and control with Discovery's rail-free design and flexible wide bore C-arm positioning. And its ample detector covers large anatomies in both 2D and 3D.

With the Discovery IGS 740:

  • Put yourself at the center of your procedures with liberating rail-free design
  • Design your room with amazing flexibility
  • See large anatomies in one view with an exceptionally large detector
  • Perform fast and easy 3D acquisitions with a wide bore



1. Option

2. For XA modality series, Integrated Registration currently supports only 3D X-Ray Angiography images (stored as CT Image Storage DICOM objects) acquired with GE equipment and reconstructed with the Innova 3DXR application.

* The Discovery IGS 740 has the widest bore (distance tube cover to detector cover) of the major players’ interventional angiography systems used for imaging in the field of interventional radiology & oncology procedures.