Moving beyond HL7** data integration, the CARESCAPE* Gateway provides a secured access to a rich feed of near-real-time patient data, helping healthcare organizations and researchers to improve patient care.

An innovation in patient data access

The CARESCAPE Gateway pushes patient data access to an innovative level by helping hospitals to implement advanced clinical workflows and research. It offers secured, easy and bi-directional data transfer between a Hospital Information System (HIS) and/or Clinical Information System (CIS) and patient monitors located on the CARESCAPE network and using HL7 standardized communication protocol.

The CARESCAPE Gateway automatically sends trended vital signs data to almost any charting system helping to save time and to improve nurse productivity. In addition, Admission, Discharge and Transfer (ADT) data captured by a HIS/CIS can be sent to the CARESCAPE Network and its resident patient monitoring devices by the CARESCAPE Gateway, eliminating time and errors associated with manual data entry.

By integrating the CARESCAPE Gateway Vitals on Demand feature with an electronic medical record system or other third party application, clinicians can now have the ability to receive the most up to date vital signs and evaluate patient's health status remotely.

Moving beyond HL7 data integration, the CARESCAPE Gateway provides secured and effective access to a rich feed of data by allowing users to integrate and to visualize a near-real-time data stream of waveforms and numeric data for each patient monitored on the CARESCAPE Network. Using an easy to integrate XML binary file format, it may help healthcare organization and researchers to aggregate more valuable data to improve patient care.