The CARESCAPE Monitor B650, for exceptional care, combines the features and functionality you expect and provides clinical information available, when and where you need it.

Evolution of care

The CARESCAPE Monitor B650 can help you manage your patient flow by getting you the right clinical information, when and where you need it. Its intuitive design allows for easy training for all staff experience levels, and upgradeability protects your long-term system investments. The CARESCAPE Monitor B650’s Care Area Specific software sets mean it is well suited for use on adult, pediatric, and neonatal patients.


Providing clinical excellence

  • Combines the best of Marquette* Electronics and Datex-Ohmeda* legacies into one platform 

  • Wide set of clinical measurements are available with advanced parameter modules, both in-house developed parameters and proven technology integrations 

  • Innovative algorithms aid accurate diagnoses, including GE EK-Pro*, GE DINAMAP* non-invasive blood pressure, and 12 SL* diagnostic ECG with direct 2-way MUSE* communication 

  • Various parameters of AoA concept can help you assess the adequacy of anesthesia in the OR 

  • Advanced airway modules from standard airway gas monitoring and automatic AA identification to advanced Patient Spirometry and direct gas exchange measurements 

  • A full range of respiratory parameters help clinicians to detect changes in patient’s respiration and ventilatory status, to give insight to patients’ readiness for ventilator weaning and to support treatment decisions in the ICU 

  • High-definition visualization of real-time and historic patient data, for beat-to-beat and breath-to-breath trending

Compact, flexible, intuitive design

  • The CARESCAPE patient monitoring platform provides a complete system of clinical intelligence with data continuity. 

  • Dedicated software and parameters for the Anesthesia, PACU, Critical Care, Emergency Care and NICU care areas make it easy to configure to your work patterns 

  • User-controlled views, from 8 to 14 waveforms with overlays and insets, allow for flexibility and customization, based on caregivers’ and patients’ needs 

  • Pages & Profiles functionality can increase flexibility and workflow efficiency by allowing you to configure monitors to unit standards and patient populations 

  • Auto View on Alarm (AVOA) automatically shares high priority alarms for viewing and silencing the alarms within one care unit and even from another care unit 

  • Integrated USB ports allow for a keyboard, mouse, barcode readers and other data entry device attachment 

  • Trim Knob* control and choice of touch screen or hard keys provide for easy control of key features 

  • Compact design with pivoting frame fits ergonomically into different environments and allows for customizing with multi-parameter modules and other options

Dependable data continuity and integration

  • Direct 2-way communication with MUSE, ECG archiving system for enhanced Cardiac workflow 

  • Auto View on Alarm (AVOA) automatically shares high priority alarms for viewing and silencing within the care unit even without additional Central Station 

  • Connectivity with the CARESCAPE Gateway enables automatic patient data synchronization and communication to EMR systems through standard HL7** protocol

Protecting long-term investments

  • Backwards compatible with many existing Datex-Ohmeda components 

  • Structured LIFE upgrade programs can lower costs of ownership 

  • Remote service through InSite* ExC provides smooth updates and predictive maintenance capabilities