BiliSoft Phototherapy System

The BiliSoft* Phototherapy System provides intensive phototherapy while supporting developmental and family-centered care.

The Bilisoft* Phototherapy system has been developed to provide a solution for Jaundice Management. The Bilisoft system meets or exceeds the 2004 AAP Guidelines for intensive phototherapy and helps you provide developmental and family-centered care virtually anywhere—in the NICU, pediatrics units, well baby nurseries, and at home.



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  • Effective Therapy

    The BiliSoft’s blue LED light delivers healing phototherapy that meets and exceeds the recommendations of the American Academy of Pediatrics. - Large Pad Irradiance 35 µW•cm-2•nm-1 - Small Pad Irradiance 50 µW•cm-2•nm-1
  • Exceptional Coverage

    Provides a large surface area. The pad design also helps to eliminate distance deficiencies entirely.
  • Supports Developmental Care

    BiliSoft promotes developmental care and enables infant-parent bonding while providing healing therapy where it is needed. The baby can be held, fed, or swaddled while receiving treatment. Ultra-soft, disposable BiliSoft covers are made of skin-friendly fabric and are available in flat covers or nests.