Every day, you have the opportunity to make a real difference in the lives of your patients. We want to empower you to do just that with the LOGIQ E10 – by supporting your expertise and helping you to elevate your practice to the next level.

Empowering Confident Diagnosis

Harness a new standard in imaging, advanced tools, and enhanced workflow capabilities to enable you to scan, diagnose, and treat a wide range of patients across a broad spectrum of conditions. The next-generation LOGIQ E10 is leading the digital transformation in ultrasound empowering you to make a difference in the lives of your patients, from head to toe, no matter their age or body habitus. Central to the new system is the cSound™ Architecture that combines versatile XDclear™ probes and the new cSound Imageformer to deliver exceptional image quality.

Empowering Comprehensive Tools

The LOGIQ E10 provides comprehensive tools to enhance precision images
to treat a wide range of patients across a broad spectrum of conditions.
  • 2D Shear Wave Elastography

    Enhances the clinician’s ability for quantitative assessment of tissue elasticity.
  • Contrast Enhanced Ultrasound

    Helps clinicians clearly visualize tissue structure and lesion vascularity for confidence in lesion detection and characterization.
  • 3D GPS/Fusion Imaging

    This technology assists the guidance of first needle placement so it may not be necessary to reposition the ablation probe to achieve clean margins, potentially reducing exam time and stress.
  • B-Flow™ Imaging

    Provides direct, real-time visualization of blood flow echoes.

Empowering Concise Workflow

The LOGIQ E10 applications help improve efficiency with concise workflow solutions for patients in a wide range of clinical scenarios.
  • Probe Care App

    Access probe care educational resources and in case of any doubt about the performance of your probes, send a request to our experts directly from your mobile phone. Help your teams increase the lifetime of your probes and decrease future related costs.

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  • Remote Control

    This application allows the LOGIQ E10 system to be operated remotely to enable concise workflow and ergonomics. Especially useful in interventional procedures, it helps improve efficiency and patient experience.
  • Photo Assistant

    Our new application for Android** devices enables clinicians to photograph relevant anatomy – such as ulcerations, redness, or swelling – during a study. This visual can be included with the clinical images in the patient study to provide valuable context for diagnostic and treatment decisions.
  • Scan Assistant

    Provides customizable automation to assist users at each step of an ultrasound exam, helping to reduce keystrokes and exam times.
  • Compare Assistant

    Enables clinicians to easily import a patient’s prior ultrasound study and view it alongside a current image in real time via a split screen on the monitor.

Digital Platform
Ultrasound for Today, Platform for Tomorrow

Big data, automation, and analytics are changing the future of ultrasound. The LOGIQ E10 is designed to help your department take advantage of digital advancements to improve exam efficiency, user productivity, data security, and equipment utilization.

cSound Architecture

This GE exclusive technology automatically and continuously delivers incredible uniformity from near to far field. It acquires then reconstructs the exam data in real-time, powered by an advanced GPU with 48x the data throughput and 10x the processing power of our previous systems. There’s no need to adjust the focus – the information you need is there, instantly.

E-Series and new XDclear probes

Powerful high fidelity and broad bandwidth produce high-resolution images whether scanning superficial or deep targets – or at any point in between. Working in tandem with the cSound Imageformer, the probes help deliver extraordinary images. It works with GE’s highest performing XDclear probes to accommodate a wide range of clinical uses.
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SonoDefense - Data Security

50% of security breaches are targeted at healthcare. Powerful data security features help assure HIPAA compliance, protect patient data, and guard against costly breaches. Our SonoDefense customizable solution allows only trusted applications and libraries, blocks unnecessary ports and disables unnecessary services for enhanced security.


** Verza is a trademark of CIVCO Medical Solutions.
Android is a trademark of Google LLC.
LOGIQ, B-Flow, cSound and XDclear are trademarks of The General Electric Company.
Windows is a registered trademark of Microsoft Corporation.