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Venue Ultrasound: Shock Toolkit Demo

Venue includes automated tools that enable you to get the information you need to make fast decisions when triaging patients.

Faster Fluid Responsiveness Tests – Auto VTI


Heart pumping enough? Auto VTI

Key question: Is the heart pumping enough blood to the end organs? Venue Automation: If you can find a 5-chamber view, Venue can calculate cardiac output & VTI.

Enough fluid in the system? Auto IVC

Key question: Is there enough fluid in the system for the heart to pump to the end organs? Venue Automation: If you can find the IVC, Venue can display the diameter over time and calculate the collapsibility index.

Fluid in the lungs? Auto B-lines

Key question: Is there fluid in the lungs where it doesn't belong? Venue Automation: If you can find an adequate view of the pleura, Venue can count B-lines.

GE Healthcare Point of Care Ultrasound


The Value of Auto VTI


Venue Ultrasound Auto Workflows

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