Trium CTG Online for Centralized Fetal Monitoring*

Trium CTG Online* will help you to take electronic fetal surveillance to the next level by making the traces of your fetal monitors available in one place, adding decision support, and allowing you to store and exchange the data digitally for documentation.

Keep the overview with centralized fetal monitoring

Trium can assist you to efficiently monitor the traces of a large number of fetal monitors from different vendors in one place.

  • Survey up to 16 fetal monitors concurrently on one screen
  • Integrate up to 64 fetal monitors into centralized fetal surveillance
  • Access all patient information, annotations, and alarm settings from your central station

Easily access your patient’s CTG traces

Trium‘s native web interface enables access to vital information from a variety of devices.

  • Access your Trium from any PC or mobile device1
  • Connect remotely or from the local network
  • No client software installation is needed

  • 1Specific modules with limited features for iOS and Android based devices available. Not all web browsers are supported; please refer to the system requirements.

    • Detect critical situations with intelligent decision support

      Trium‘s built in CTG pattern recognition and partogram supports you detecting critical situations at the onset.

      • Alarm based on CTG pattern recognition (according to FIGO2)
      • The partogram visualizes the labor progress and the mother/fetus status in one screen, allowing for faster and more confident decisions.

      2International Federation of Gynaecology and Obstetrics (FIGO)
    • Benefit from timesaving, comprehensive documentation

      Trium enables you to maintain a comprehensive, digital fetal monitoring and partogram documentation.

      • Context sensitive annotations allowing for faster and more comprehensive documentation
      • All annotations are authenticated and dated automatically
      • Documents can be stored as PDF/A for long term electronic archiving compliant with ISO 19005-1:2005
    • Minimally invasive integration

      Trium seamlessly integrates into the hospital IT infrastructure and backup architecture. It avoids big intrusions in the local IT systems and saves money by making use of existing infrastructure.

      • No client software installation is needed through a web-based interface
      • Fetal monitors get connected via existing local network (LAN or wireless LAN)
      • Integration with HIS/EMR and maternity Systems via HL7
      • Seamless integration with ViewPoint 6
    • ViewPoint 6 for Women’s Health

      Trium’s partogram module assists you in comprehensive structured birth documentation. At the press of a button all partogram entries relevant for the ViewPoint 6 birth documentation are sent to ViewPoint 6.

      The efficient interaction between ViewPoint 6 for women’s health and Trium CTG Online helps to save time in your day-to-day work.

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    * Manufactured by:
    Trium Analysis Online GmbH
    Hohenlindener Str. 1
    81677 München
    Not available in all countries

    The term “Trium“ is used as abbreviation for “Trium CTG Online”.

    Trium is a trademark of Trium Analysis Online GmbH.