Basic GSI Xtream

Course Length2 days
Course date/sTBD
Cost8 Credits/1200 EUR
LocationGE Academy, Danderyd
Course idNone
Number of participants10

Course overview

After completing the course, participants will have a better understanding of the principles of Gemstone* Spectral Imaging (GSI). Participants will aquire knowledge of how to optimize GSI protocols, and get a practical understanding of the Gemstone Spectral Imaging Viewer and Advantage Workstation. They will also have an understanding of potential clinical applications for GSI.

The course is a combination of theory and practice and focuses on the clinical aspects of Gemstone Spectral Imaging.

The course covers:
- Short introduction to GSI physics
- Scan parameters
- Post-processing techniques using the latest tools on the AW
- Review and clinical discussion of pulmonary embolism and neurovascular studies as well as artifact reduction of metal implants for example.