Cardiosoft 7

Course Length1 day
Course date/sOn demand
Course idTT0214
Number of participants5

Course overview

Technicians and engineers working in Medical Technology need knowledge of how Cardiosoft 7 is functionally and technically structured and how the system should be maintained, both in theory and in practice.

Through this knowledge, the engineer can efficiently and safely manage service and maintenance at Cardiosoft Server, Cardiosoft work test stations and Cardiosoft clients.

Please note that the training material is in English.

To give the technician/engineer basic knowledge of Cardiosoft 7 technical functions, hardware, software, troubleshooting and connectivity against peripherals. 

The course participants will, after the course: 

  • Understand basic functions (technical). 
  • Basic knowledge of the application. 
  • Basic Understanding for Server - Client Communication
  • Be able to perform basic configuration (technical configuration). 
  • Understand basic troubleshooting principles. 
  • Know how to connect work test to server, DICOM worklist, MUSE, printer.