CARESCAPE VC150 Vital Signs Monitor Service Training CBT

Course Length5 hours
Course date/sAnytime
Cost6000 SEK/6000 NOK
Course idTT0615

Course overview

The CARESCAPE VC150 Technical Service Training is intended to provide Field Engineers, Online Engineers, Channel Partners, and Customers, with knowledge concerning the CARESCAPE VC150 product, interface and service procedures. This is a 5 hour computer based course.

Upon successful completion of this training program and in compliance with applicable documentation, the service professional should be able to:

  • Provide an overview of the main features of the VC150
  • Configure alarms
  • Execute Install, Service, Maintenance, and checkout of the unit
  • Interpret diagnostics and troubleshooting information.
  • Provide connectivity for EMR systems, ADT and LDAP