Introduction to AW & AWS

Durată curs2 days
Date cursTBD
Cost8 Credits/1200 EUR
LocaţieGE Academy, Danderyd
ID cursNone
Număr de participanţi10

Course overview

After completing the course, participants will be able to understand and use the basic functions of AW and/or AWS. Participants will also have the prerequisites needed to register for advanced courses in the AW and AWS, which focus on specific clinical applications.

The course gives you the knowledge required to use the Advantage Workstation for CT. 

The course covers functions such as:   
- AW Browser 
- Archiving 
- Networking 
- Viewer 
- Filming 
- Data Export 
- Volume Viewer 
- Volume Rendering 
- 3D Modeling/reconstruction 
- Navigator 
- Clinical Case Studies