DGS - First Line OEC Miniview

Course Length2 days
Course date/sTBD
Cost42,000 SEK/42,000 NOK/30,000 DKK/4200 EUR (including travel and hotel)
LocationHealthcare Institute Wendelstein/ Onsite at customer
Course idTT005ICS
Number of participantsMinimum 3 - Maximum 6


    Course overview

    GE’s Firstline training is designed so that participants get an introduction to the structure of GE’s C-arm OEC Miniview. Participants get a review of the different parts and how they work together. Participants also receive training on how to calibrate the C-arm and which tests to use in different situations. The course is divided into a theoretical part interspersed with a practical part where participants learn how to use the system and how to handle and troubleshoot various fault symptoms. Participants also get a review of how to read and interpret log files on the system.

    Theoretical and practical review of the C-arm.