Introduction to MRI Sequences and Methods

Course Length3 days
Course datesTBD
Cost8 Credits/1200 EUR
Course idNone
Number of participants30


    Course overview

    The course will introduce the sequences and methods used in imaging brain, spine, abdomen and MSK.

    In the course the following topics are described and discussed:

    • Basic pulse sequences as gradient echo (GRE, SPGR), spin echo (SE), fast spin echo (FSE, CUBE) and PROPELLER
    • Basic scanning parameters as FOV, phase FOV, NEX, band width, ETL, NPW
    • Parallel imaging and compressed sense
    • AI based reconstruction - AIR Recon DL
    • The differences between 2D multi slices scanning and 3D scanning
    • Fat suppression methods (FatSat, SPECIAL) and Dixon based methods (FLEX, IDEAL)
    • Sequences used for doing MR angiography with contrast media (CEMRA, TRICKS) and without contrast media (2D/3D TOF, INHANCE)
    • Diffusion weighted imaging (DWI) and calculation of ADC-maps. The selection of scanning parameters as b-values, number of T2 images, NEX, diffusion direction (ALL, 3-in-1, TETRA, TENSOR)
    • Target audience 

      Radiologists, radiographers and medical physicists.

    • Prerequisites

      Basic knowledge of MRI