Course Length0,5 days
Course date/sOn demand
Cost7 500 SEK/7 500 NOK/ 5 300 DKK/ 750 EUR
LocationGE Healthcare Academy Oslo/Stockholm/Helsinki
Course idTC01US
Number of participants Minimum 6 - Maximum 40

Course overview

The aim of the course is to give the participant an insight and understanding of the operation with different types of ultrasonic probes and disinfection (HLD). The aim of the course is to increase the participant’s knowledge of handling and hygiene.

The program consists of theory and practice on ultrasonic disinfection systems. The course participant is given a review of the handling of probes and how to disinfect probes. The participant also gets knowledge about how to identify / troubleshoot and prevent risks in the daily ultrasonic operation.

  • Target audience

    Users of all ultrasound systems and medical engineering engineers

  • Prerequisites

    The course requires that the participants have basic knowledge of ultrasound and probes