Ultrasound Proficient Part One

Course Length12 hours
Course date/sTBD with customer
Cost10.000 SEK/10.000 NOK
Course idTT16US


    Course overview

    Ultrasound Proficient Part One focuses on the knowledge and theory of women’s health, cardiovascular and radiology ultrasound as well as developing an understanding of ultrasound system operation, periodic maintenance, and corrective maintenance. This content can be delivered either as a distance learning or in-person training, both of which are instructor-led. The course is designed to enable the hands-on training in Part Two of the class. A knowledge-based exam is included in this course. The exam must be passed prior to attending Part Two.

    At the end of this course, the service professional will be able to:

    • Explain basic scan characteristics and processes of image manipulation for standard ultrasound systems
    • Identify processes and tools required to troubleshoot common problems for standard ultrasound systems
    • Identify standard and specialized ultrasound characteristics and differences
    • Prepare for set up, configure the system, and connect to the network
    • Identify data and image management
    • Identify method to start system, locate/create a patient, image, and cine; to adjust system parameters to manipulate image resolution, and change probes; and to save and print an Image, and run a report
    • Describe means to confirm the error and assess the issue
    • Identify means/procedures/considerations when replacing parts, loading software and performing functional checks
    • Target audience

      Ultrasound service professional

    • Prerequisites

      Ultrasound Proficient Service Training Fundamentals (Web)