Vessel analysis made flexible.
Vessel analysis made flexible.

Using radiation-free Magnetic Resonance Angiography (MRA) as a tool for vascular disease diagnosis may provide sound information for making therapeutic decisions. Increased sophistication of both sequence design and parallel acquisition techniques have made contrast-enhanced Magnetic Resonance Angiographic (MRA) a powerful, practical diagnostic tool. Today, MRA is competitive with other diagnostic techniques in light of the current emphasis on dose management, cost containment, and outpatient evaluation.

Without a complementary tool to efficiently assess MRA information, reading studies and arriving at accurate diagnoses can be very time-consuming.

MR VesselIQ Xpress is an AW platform post processing package that provides you with additional tools to help in the analysis of MR angiographic data. The software includes display, measurement, and batch filming/archive features to let you efficiently analyze selected vessels for stenosis, directional tortuosity and other anomalies.


  • Provides the ability to interact with MRA data sets to aid in the angiographic detection and diagnosis of vascular diseases.
  • Track the centerline of any vessel.
  • Quantify abnormal anatomical structures and assess their evolution.
  • Visualize and analyze directional vessel tortuosity.
  • Enables convenient pre- and post-surgical assessment.
  • Automatic vessel tracking shortens waiting time for first clinically relevant image.
  • Provides quick 3D visualization, and fast access to vessel cross section and profile images.
advanced visualization mr vesselIQ xpress.


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