Say Hello to MUSE NX!

MUSE NX streamlines the flow of cardiac data throughout the department, allowing secure, role-based access to all who need it.

Connected – Simplified and cost-effective EMR integration
Protected – Enhanced protection with secure access from almost anywhere
Respected – The application 19 out of 20 cardiologists rely on
  • The challenge

    To provide clinicians with the information they need while ensuring the tools they use efficient, patient data is protected, all while being easy for IT to integrate and maintain.

Say hello to easy integration

When devices are connected and everyone is communicating across the medical facility in the same language, the IT manager is a hero because the clinician is better informed and the department is more efficient. MUSE NX has new capabilities designed to cost-effectively connect your entire enterprise.
    • Maximize previous investments

      MUSE NX integrates patient tests from other modalities and manufacturers’ and connects with your EMR/HIS/PACS

      • Integrates easily through HL7® and DICOM®.
      • Import and view almost any study type
      • Consolidate older studies to maintain a complete record.

    Say hello to shortened decision making time

    MUSE NX helps you by providing:
      • Log in from any hospital intranet connected device to access patient data immediately.
      • Serial ECG comparisons on one screen for improved diagnostic accuracy.
      • Editing tools developed with leading cardiology hospitals.
      • Interpretive algorithms to support quicker decision making.

    When it comes to the heart, time is everything

    • Analyze ECG’s

      while the patient is in transit
    • Improves communication

      with everyone in the care pathway
    • Log in from any intranet

      connected device for immediate
    • Thousands of users

      can access MUSE NX
    • Remotely view

      serial comparisons, Holter reports, and more
    • Supports quicker decision making

      with interpretive algorithms

    Say hello to enhanced security

    To help you feel confident that cardiac data is guarded,
    MUSE NX provides multiple layers of protective features and integrates easily with existing security infrastructures.
    • Multiple layers of security and encryption
    • Manage user groups, centrally
    • Comprehensive audit logs

    Meeting privacy and security requirements

    • Active directory connect

      for simple, secure login
    • Audit

      who has been looking at what
    • Centrally managed

      user groups
    • Comply with

      patient privacy requirements
    • Electronic delivery

      of security updates
    • Multiple security layers

      to protect patient data
    • Quickly integrates

      with existing security systems

    Say hello to the clinical tools you trust

    With it’s strong clinical foundation, MUSE NX brings respected diagnostic power to the cardiac conversation. No other cardiac Management system boasts algorithms and measurements validated against thousands of records in multiple peer-reviewed studies and editing tools developed with leading cardiology hospitals.

    The new intuitive user interface gives cardiology directors confidence that MUSE NX can be used by clinicians of all disciplines and experience levels.. A single click launch MUSE from the EMR letting clinicians work in the tool they use most often. No more leaving one tool to work in another.

    And unlike DICOM, MUSE NX gives caregivers complete access to a patient’s cardiology record through a single access point. Act quickly and with confidence

    MUSE is more than a solution. It’s an efficient, secure and clinically proven way to work.

    Why clinicians choose 12SL Serial Comparison

    View and compare current, first previous and oldest ECGs on one screen.
    See significant changes in rhythm, P, QRS, ST, and T-waves.